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GEL LASURE – 07703

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Protection and beauty of wood. Impregnating and finishing stain. Professional quality. EXTERIOR / INTERIOR


Impregnating, finishing and decorating stain for interior and exterior wood structures. Its fluidity ensures a very good impregnation in the first fibers of the wood and thus a very good mechanical cling of the 1st coat. Its resin load or high dry extract ensures an optimum finish from the second coat and therefore a good resistance over time.

Miscible shades: n° 1 Clear, n° 2 Buttercup, n° 3 Oak, n° 4 Oregon Pine, n° 5 Chestnut, n° 6 Teak, n° 7 Walnut, n° 8 Mahogany, n° 9 Rosewood, n° 10 Fir Green, n° 11 Dark Oak (dry extract : 34,74 % in Oak).

Technical data: EUROWOOD is a solvent-based aliphatic stain. Alkyd type resin.

Flash point: 35°.

Density: 0.86.

Dry extract: 34 % in Colorless.

Viscosity: 15 to 17 seconds depending on the shade.

Ready to use. For hardwoods, add 20% or more of White Spirit as a first coat. Apply with a brush or roller. Gives a satin finish in 2 coats and a glossy finish in 3 coats. The wood grain and patterns are highlighted with a transparent metallic pigment.

Thinning and cleaning of tools: with White Spirit.

Yield: 12 to 16 m2 per liter.

Drying time: 8 hours before touching, dry in 10 to 20 hours depending on temperature.

Read the safety label carefully – Work in a well-ventilated area or wear a suitable mask – Wear rubber gloves – Do not swallow – Keep out of reach of children. Information given in good faith, but we are not responsible for it.

see data sheet

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